Who is Exsim?

Exsim is a premier simulator creator, developing bespoke and high-quality simulators for both private clients and businesses. Creators of the VR5, one of the best motion simulators available for purchase, Exsim focuses on building a quality experience for our clients, and a quality product that will withstand the test of time. 

Exsim unveiled the VR5 Mark 1 back in 2017, featuring a unique, yet familiar design, featuring 4 6" actuators, designed to look as much like a real car whilst being a functional motion simulator.

Since then, the current iteration of VR5 features a much slimmer and lighter profile, still featuring the 6" actuator system, but even more perfected, making it the ideal piece of hardware for the home, office or race team. The VR5 is also extremely easy to transport, with it being suitable for van transportation, is also an incredible piece of kit for events, with a VR5 currently in circulation with the Formula 1.

Mika Häkkinen on a VR5 at Circuit de Catalunya