D-BOX are the creators of the first officially FIA endorsed haptic immersive system offered on the market.

For several months, FIA engineers and numerous technical experts of the FIA reviewed D-BOX haptic systems and confirmed that it is the best haptic solution available today. This agreement will lead to a range of FIA Official Licensed Products proposed by D-BOX to the FIA Clubs and all its other retail partners around the world.

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Race Software

RACE Software is the world's 1st MBS (multibody dynamics) cloud software. What traditionally can take 6 months in the industry it is achieved in 60 seconds and with a price reduction 20-50x.

Since we own the MBS IP and given the software efficiencies we are helping the driving simulation industry with real life vehicle physics and setups via our RACE "software engine" bringing unseen capabilities and fidelity to the simulation world.

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Fanatec is known for its cutting-edge technological innovation and high performance, service quality and worldwide presence. As a world-widely recognised brand of high quality peripheral devices Fanatec received reviews as being "very innovative and strong in performance" from experts and insiders in the field.

Based out of Germany, all Fanatec products are developed by a network of highly qualified engineers and technological partners who transform products concept into reality.

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Heusinkveld Engineering develops cutting edge race simulation solutions and is located in Groningen, the Netherlands. Heusinkveld’s primary mission is to make you “feel like you’re driving a real racing car”. Not just a simulation, not just a game - Heusinkveld products should feel as realistic as possible.

Innovation, development and consistent high-quality are top priorities for the Heusinkveld team. Durability is a key requirement for all materials which are used by Heusinkveld. Every accessory, from the footplate to the spring and rubber to the bolt, has been thought through and tested by Heusinkveld down to the last detail.

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EPOS delivers premium audio and video solutions for business professionals and gamers. EPOS solutions deliver excellent audio and video experiences so individuals and teams can reach their goals and perform better.

EPOS are passionate about gaming, and believe that high quality audio completes your gaming experience. Their products – whether it is their Wired or Wireless Headsets, Earbuds, Sound Cards and Amplifiers or Microphones – are all designed with the gamer at heart.

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AK Informatica

AK Informatica is a component and hardware supplier based in Italy. With a long history in IT, esports, events and simulator services, AK Informatica provide high quality equipment for our simulators and for their customers.

AK Informatica have a long history in the esports and gaming industry, and are respected throughout Europe for their services and as a hardware and component suppliers.

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The Events House

Events House is the parent company of Exsim. Specialists in event and motorsports enterainment activations. Events House are leaders in event innovation, creation and delivery.

Events House provide event activation around the globe, working with brands from the likes of Formula 1, McLaren Racing, DHL, to AWS.

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Sim Sports

Sim Sports is a sister company of Exsim. Sim Sports provide amplified experiences within sports simulator, mixed with a history of activation and event creation for their valued customers.

With products ranging from football simulators, to flight simulators, driving simulators and more, Sim Sports cater to their customer needs to provide an incredible experience to their customers exhibits and events.

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