Digital Twin from RACE Software & Exsim

Detailed and accurate representation of any real vehicle in a virtual space, with 1:1 correlation

A vehicle digital twin is a virtual representation of a real-world vehicle which mimics all the physics and behaviours as in real life. This enables simulation, training, development and testing at virtually no cost.

The RACE Software Exsim Digital Twin

Built by professional engineers and software developers with a deep understanding of vehicle dynamics, tyre degradation, aero, engine/gearbox mapping and all engineering parameters that define car performance.

Compiled with data collected from your race car, with performance parameters adjusted so telemetry trace of both cars, all around the circuit is the same.

The image here is the Telemetry Trace from Porsche 991.2 GT3 Cup car and Digital Twin 991.2 GT3 Cup car.

Advanced Simulation

The RACE Software Exsim Digital Twin precisely mimics the race car in:

  • Understeer / Oversteer
  • Tyre Grip and car feel, on corner entry / middle / exit
  • Performance under Braking
  • Lap Time.

Simulation today is an efficient, effective, tool. Most Race Teams are using it to some degree. All professional race teams have at the core of their developments simulation as a standard.

There is no comparison cost wise between virtual simulation and physical testing. It’s at least 10x cheaper to test on the Simulator, than on the Track.

RACE Software Exsim Digital Twin is affordable. The Digital Twin development will cost about the same as a one or two day test at the track.

The Benefits of Ownership

Owning a RACE Software Exsim Digital Twin opens up a whole new realm of possibilities when it comes to training and racing:

Simulation, training, development and testing

All at virtually zero running cost

Limitless Testing

Practice regardless of track availability and weather

Arrive Ready

Clarify your setup prior to arrival at the track

Your Actual Race Car

Driver training with your actual race car in the digital realm

Unlimited Laps

As many simulation laps as your drivers want before race day

On the Sim, On the Track

If you can do it on the simulator, you can do it on the track

Maximising your Simulator

If you are not using a VR5 and Digital Twin, then you're not getting the maximum potential from your simulator

Find out more

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