Installations, Esports and B2B

Exsim has worked with some of the UK's biggest and most high profile racing brands, playing a pivotal role in supporting and creating Simulator Centres and Training Facilities around the UK, including The Simulator Zone at Mercedes-Benz, Williams Esports Lounge, Goodwood Simulator Suite and The McLaren Shadow Studio located in the MTC.

Exsim's latest installation is at Tottenham Hotspurs Stadium, as part of their new F1 Drive attraction. As part of the installation, a total of 8 Exsim VR5 have been installed at the brand new Formula 1 attraction.

The experts at Exsim will help you configure your Centre's hardware and software requirements, with multiple simulator options to choose from, as well as providing ongoing remote and on-site support to suit your needs.

Contact the Exsim team to discuss your requirements and to find out more about the Exsim Installation Packages available.

Work Completed

Exsim VR5's lined up before installation at F1 Drive, at Tottenham Hotspurs Stadium, North LondonExsim team member testing an Exsim VR5, branded for F1 Drive, at Tottenham Hotspurs Stadium, North London.