The Exclusive Club for the few

Want to join one of the most exclusive and private sim racing club? Think you'd fit in among those at the top?

Exsim Drive Club

Exsim Drive Club (EDC) is the bespoke members club for all things sim racing. Designed around the Exsim ecosystem, EDC incorporates the very best equipment with the most exclusive people who all share the same aspirations for sim racing, and beyond.

Offering the most unique and exclusive sim racing experiences around, only for the few who enter.

Why should I join?

EDC offers a unique sim racing experience to it's members, alongside adding additional services to making the most out of your simulator.

Extended Support

Joining EDC will grant you access to extended Exsim support for all your simulator needs.

Exclusive Races

Compete against other EDC members in weekly races, as well as having exclusive servers, only for members.

Exclusive Content

EDC members will have access to both Exsim and Race Software's 1:1 sim models, adding extra realism to any race.

Drive Club Events

Get access to EDC Member Events around the UK and beyond.

Metal Member Card

Joining EDC grants you an exclusive, metal membership card, physically embodying your exclusive membership.

and more...

EDC can be designed around the needs and wants of the members, making almost everything a possibility.

Drive the best roads and tracks around the world, with the best company you could ask for, all in complete comfort

So, you in?

Are you ready to start your journey into EDC? Check your elibility and start your application for membership today