Take your training to the next level

Develop your driving with the best in simulator technology and Digital Twin software, with the Exsim Performance Centre

Develop your skills

The Driver Performance Centre provides a perfect environment to develop your skills as a driver. Working with both our Simulator Engineers and a Driver Coach, you can work towards your goals as a driver and find those extra milliseconds per lap.

Training for everyone

Using our modular GP, the VR5 motion simulator and KR1 karting simulator, we can work with drivers of all ages, skill level and disipline. Using our curved screen training area, we can provide a realistic view whilst in the cockpit. Whether you're training for Praga, Formula 4 or Cadet Karting, we can work with you.

Lounge Area

Within the Driver Performance Centre, we offer a lounge area for yourself and your guests to relax, work and chat, whilst your training. We also offer internet access to all guests, drink facilities and more.

Use the best hardware with the best Software

Working with RACE Software, we are able to offer drivers use of RACE Software Digital Twins for training. The RACE Software iRace program works with the Exsim Driver Performance Centre.

If you want to find out more about RACE Software Digital Twins, check out our page on Digital Twins, or visit RACE Software to find out more.

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