Exsim VR5

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The Ultimate Driving Experience

The Exsim VR5 is the ultimate simulator for your home, business or team. Offering top-of-the-range hardware and components, the VR5 is built to make you perform at your best, to let you feel every part of the track, whilst offering an unrivalled experience.

Using D-Box actuator technology and custom developed motion profiles, the VR5 offers a truly unique experience, making you feel as if you’re on the track, without the risks entailed. The VR5 offers an unforgettable experience for anyone using it.

The D-Box actuators included allow for 6 inches of travel, and paired with Exsim’s Progressive Yaw System, you can feel the track and the car without being inside, and experience the same sensations as driving the car out and about.

The VR5 is housed in our British designed and manufactured chassis system, designed to be rigid and durable under the most extreme use cases. Paired with our unique wheelbase and screen mounting system, the VR5 offers superior adjustment to make the simulator as comfortable as possible.

The VR5 offers as standard the top of the range Fanatec Podium Series Direct Drive Hub and Samsung Odyssey Ultrawide Monitor. Paired with the latest Heusinkveld Engineering Pedal system, offers you the ultimate sim racing experience for any use.

What is included:

  • Sim Chassis
  • DBox 4500-HD6 Actuator Kit
  • Fanatec DD2 Steering System
  • Fanatec Steering Wheel of your choice
  • Heusinkveld Engineering Ultimate Pedal System
  • Samsung G9 49” Ultrawide Gaming Monitor
  • Top-spec gaming PC

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As a custom simulator manufacturer, Exsim will never compromise on quality. The Exsim Team treats every order with the same level of attention and detail to ensure only the highest quality hardware and software is produced.

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Prices start from £49,995 + VAT

Is it possible to test-drive an Exsim simulator before I buy?

Exsim has a state-of-the-art Sim Training facility in the Midlands where you can try out all of our simulators. Contact us today to secure your visit!

What warranty will an Exsim simulator come with?

All Exsim Simulators come with a one year parts and labour warranty as standard.Extended Warranties may be purchased at an additional cost.

How long do I have to wait for my new simulator?

As most simulators are bespoke and built to order, we anticipate the lead time to be between 4 - 6 weeks from date of order. The Exsim Team will keep you updated throughout so you know every step of the way when you can expect delivery of your brand new Exsim Simulator.

Can I change or or supply my own parts on the simulator?

We will work with you to meet your own needs, and we can work with different parts if you wish! Contact us today to discuss!

Want to order?

Get in touch today with Exsim and begin the process! Call us today on 01283 243473 or use the contact area to arrange a chat!